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Do you allow porn in your home?

I’m pretty sure this is the big guy’s. Somedays I feel bad that he’s married to the girl who can’t clean or even cook grilled cheese…….must be such a dissappointment, hahahahaha


The smoke alarms work

I am no longer allowed to use the stove top. I am now down to the microwave and the fridge…..seriously?! How can you mess up grilled cheese? I need help!

Stack Rescue Camp String Soccer Car Escape

I always refer to my life as a sitcom…mostly b/c I can’t imagine these things are actually happening.  Then I realize these things ALWAYS happen and  I should just accept that this IS our normal.  So here’s yesterday’s wrap up:

  1. 6Am Hide and Seek bathroom redecorating project complete
  2. Received {off duty} Police escort to drop off rescued newborn bunnies {we found them in our yard and they were almost swept away in flood water, it was CRAZY}
  3. The little guy created a T-shirt line with the tag line ~ I save bunnies.  I’m awesome! ~ the officer is awaiting his delivery
  4. 22 kids, 6 moms, an exercise treasure hunt, homemade pizza and butterfly craft
  5. Ambused the big guy with silly string on the front lawn {the kids LOVE doing this}
  6. The destroyers 1st soccer practice, she came downstairs wearing the little guys Under Armour and cup.
  7. The little guy managed to drop his soccer ball out the window of the car during rush hour on the way to soccer practice
  8. The big guy was able to circle back and find it in less than 2 minutes {seriously AMAZING!}

Ok so this is a normal day at my house.  Is this a normal day at yours?

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21 kids and 7 moms in 1 house…why not?

Did I ever tell you about Camp Leader?  No?  I’m not exactly sure why not, it is an AWESOME camp {nothing like patting myself on the back} that we started this summer for the kids to be able to get together with their friends once a week and do all kinds of fun things.  It is an open door policy, so all the moms in our group let me know if they can make it that week and we {me and my kids} figure out what we are going to do that week.  So far we’ve made a whole bunch of cool stuff.  Today is our last camp and we are having a fitness treasure hunt.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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Sorry for the short post today but with the bunny episode {if you don’t already know, I’ll fill you in tomorrow} we have got to get moving.  We are off to Schulikill Center to drop them off and see if we can get these new little guys a fresh new start.  Will be sure to post the story and pics tomorrow.  Hey, sometimes in your 100 days you accomplish something that isn’t on the original list.  It’s amazing how important things not on the list become top priority.



Best Baking Comeback of All Time

….Do you think I’m overselling this?  You might want to look back and remember this Epic Baking Fail.  Pretty bad right?  I am a get over it and move forward kind of girl {with 4 children plotting against you each night, believe me it’s the only way to be.}  So I ran into the Acme the other day {no I was NOT grocery shopping, the big guy does that, I was renting a movie from Redbox} and thought to myself, I should totally try to do that cinnamon roll recipe again, I mean how could it possibly be any worst than what I already did?  With a sense of fearlessness {some might call it being a glutton for punishment, I like to think otherwise}, I scooped up Acme Rolls {$0.59, I got 4 packs, JIC} and I was on my way home.

I woke up this morning optimistic {I made a cake yesterday and it was GOOOOOD and no I can’t share my BC recipe} so I decided to enlist the troops for a little help.  Also, if this all went south, I could totally blame the little guy, the princess and the destroyer.  Yes, I would totally do that.  If they think it’s OK to throw me under the bus with their father, I can do the same!  Anyway the kids did a great job each doing one and I finished the rest.  Here are the changes I made and one’s I will make the next time:

  1. Put the biscuits in the freezer for 5 minutes b/4 you start.  It really helps with the kids, they are colder and easier to work with.
  2. Use less butter {I know I heart butter too} but you really only need a little bit.  I am thinking this is why our cinnamon and brown sugar keeps escaping from our rolls.
  3. Set the temp at 325 degrees.  My girlfriend Capri {her nickname…everyone has a nickname.  Probably why I am always forgetting real names} said this would really help, IT DID!
  4. Roll the biscuits tight.  I didn’t the first time and this time I made sure they were pretty tight, I think it made a big difference.
  5. Put them back in the fridge for 5 minutes b/4 you cut them.  Easy to cut and move onto greased backing sheet.
  6. Cut them into 4’s.  6 were way to small and they got crispy pretty fast.  4’s stayed nice, soft and gooey.
  7. I turned the pan at 5 minutes and again after another 5 minutes.  I pulled them out after 12 minutes and let rest for 3 {do #8 first} minutes.  So that’s 12 minutes of cooking and 3 minutes of resting, 15 minutes TOTAL.
  8. Put the buns in a bowl and drizzle the topping {1 cup confectioners sugar and 5 tablespoons of heavy cream} and mix carefully.  Let rest 3 minutes.
  9. Give everyone a few on their plate and put the rest away…or else your big guy will come home from picking up a door jamb at Home Dept and the only thing he’ll find is a sink full of dishes.

So glad I decided to give this a second try.  I will absolutely make these again and cut the butter down and see how that works.  have you ever had a recipe that was supposed to be easy and you failed like me?  I’d love to hear about it.  Did you try again?  How did it turn out?  Let me know, it may be one I can add to my list.



Epic fail and other things….

So it’s been established that I can’t cook, right?  I mean is there a soul out there that is rooting for me to come from behind and really surprise you with a new kitchen skill or talent?  Sorry to disappoint but I tried.  Last night I had a couple of girls over to help plan our last kids camp {have I discussed this yet?  22 kids, 7 moms, my house every Monday….it’s epic! anyway….} and we decided on a treasure hunt.  So fun!

We searched Pintrest for some fun ideas and settled on this one.  A fabulously fit treasure hunt.  I love the idea of sneaking fitness into a fun game for the kids.  Every little bit helps.  Anywho…..

I also decided to use a few recipes from Pintrest to make food for the moms while we decided what to do with the kids for camp.  Since the girls make fun of me for “always doing everything BIG”, I decided to make mini foods {note the big guy was SO not into the mini foods, ask the girls} and found this great brownie recipe and this itty bitty cinnamon bite recipe.  I mean who doesn’t want to eat this?  So cute right?

So let’s be honest, the Pintrest brownies were from scratch, so not happening here, so I decided to go out on a ledge and use my standard BC recipe {Please don’t ask, it’s a family secret} and skip the frosting {too sweet}.  I used my mini muffin pan and I think these came out pretty well.  The big guy, the kids and my girlfriends are all alive…so I take that as a win.  The itty bitty cinnamon bits……

I followed the recipe EXACTLY.  I asked the big guy to get the same rolls they used when he went grocery shopping {What you mean your big guy doesn’t go grocery shopping?  I haven’t been in a grocery store in years……….you really need your big guy to step up his game!}.  I had the computer right next to me while I followed each step.  I was giddy with anticipation, they looked so good on the blog, I couldn’t wait for these to be done.

The recipe said they should be in the oven at 350 for 16-20 minutes.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!!  I only left them in for 13 minutes and pulled them b/c most of them broke open and all the fabulous brown sugar and cinnamon escaped {like inmates from a high security prison} from each bun.  Hoping they could be saved, we quickly took them out of the pan {sorry no pics} and put them on the plate.  I was hoping for a soft and warm gooey taste…what did I get?  The bun part {I’m hoping that what that was…}was hard as a rock.  The brown sugar, butter and cinnamon mixture caramelized into a hard candy like substance {on a positive note, I can now make candy ~ WOO HOO!}.  Seriously?  I followed all the directions, I did it EXACTLY the way it said to do it {except the time but if it was this bad when I pulled it out at 13 minutes, could you imagine it at 16-20 minutes?…I’d have to call the fire department………again} and this is what happens.  This is why I HATE to cook.  I spent all this time and $ {that’s $4.50 I’ll never get back} and it was for nothing, except helping me feel worse about my skills in the kitchen {is that even possible}?. We are having people over Saturday night……I wonder if they will cancel when the read this since I am supposed to cook again……

On a different note, I was able to clean out the pantry and purge all the bad food and get the pantry organized.  I need to buy some bins {$1 store here I come} but so far so good, it is no longer a disaster area and I can actually see what is in there….I wonder how long it will last?

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I still hope Pintrest will be my friend…we seem to be getting off to a rocky start but I am willing to overlook the initial rocky “getting to know you phase” and keeping my fingers crossed for a bright future.



So Did It Work…..you be the judge

Ok, I think you need to know I am an all or nothing kind of girl.  I say this b/c when I saw this idea on Pintrest I almost peed my pants.  I HATE cleaning the stove burners.  It is so annoying.  I scrub and I scrub and it takes FOREVER to get those puppies clean.  Yet another reason I am anti-kitchen.  I mean you spend all day trying to keep all these people fed.  Then you have to clean up after them.  Fine, I can clean a dish {or 4} no worries, I can handle that……only then you turn around and the thing that is supposed to HELP you feed the people has now turned into the thing that will take hours to clean.

So you know me {see 1st line of above paragraph}, I just avoid it like the plague.  I do a fast wipe with a soapy sponge but let’s be honest, I am NOT cleaning the burners ~ just the actual stove top.  So needless to say….it’s disgusting.  The sad part is I know it was actually a LOT worse {shut up!  Yours looks like this too} but the big guy just cleaned it not too long ago so I kinda felt a bit overconfident when I saw the easy/lazy cleaning method.  I mean the pics showed an awesome before and after so it had to work right?

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I followed the instructions and placed all the burners, tops etc. in bags with 1/4 cup of Ammonia.  Be sure to have your windows open for this, or better yet do it outside, this stuff is stinky.  {Note: the destroyer said it was not as stinky as Itty Bitty’s Diapers, but stinky enough ~ just as a point of reference}  I put all bags outside on old cookie sheets overnight and prayed for a miracle.  I was a little giddy waking up wondering if it worked.  I made the big guy come out with me for the big reveal {He’ll do anything to encourage my new cleaning behavior} and you could see the Ammonia changed color in the bags…I took this as a good sign.

I was able to get most everything off {again, make sure the windows are OPEN} but I wouldn’t say it was easy.  I still scrubbed like I normally do.  The blog said it was easy…..I am going to politely disagree.  I was able to get most of the stuff off, but I wanted a miracle….you know the kind you see on the infomercials.  I wanted Billy Mays {God rest his soul} to come to my house with a sham wow and just yell at the camera how easy it was to wipe clean.  Didn’t happen.

I also wanted {all or nothing girl, remember} everything to come off.  Even with the scrubbing, I still had stuff left I could not remove.  IS there something wrong with me?  Can’t I just be happy with what I was able to do.  I guess, but I felt like this one was a BIG let down……I probably built it up too much in my head since I wanted it SO bad.  Lesson learned for next time ~ expect nothing and if something does work, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Off to start on the pantry..



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