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You must not know me very well at all, no worries, that will change over the next 98 days together.  I wanted to take a before and after shot of the fridge (same shot, just 2 pics) but as soon as I got the camera (I was alone btw) and pushed the power button (note to self, buy a camera that powers up SILENTLY) children appeared out of the woodwork.  Now, prior to getting the camera, I was doing dishes.  Known fact, dishes repel small children and husbands, they actually attract mother-in-laws but that’s  a whole other story.  Anyway…..

They wanted to take pics, asked why I was taking pictures in the kitchen, did I break or burn anything and should they call Daddy (I’m raising a bunch of squealers)?  I could just see this playing out…I would tell the kids I was going to surprise Daddy but cleaning out the fridge.  I’d take the pics.  I’d start.  Yesterday would repeat itself (see yesterday’s post) and when the big guy came home the kids would take him by the hand to show him the big surprise.  When they tell him I spent the whole day cleaning out the fridge, he’d shake his head.  See here’s the problem…he thinks I am a terrible cleaner (among a laundry list of other things) and would think I actually attempted to clean the fridge and this WAS my finished product.

Well I am terribly upset with him.  I refuse to be judged for my cleaning when I hardly had time after getting the kids to and from the doctor’s office in one piece.  So in protest, I called a girlfriend and had her and the kids over for a slumber party / movie afternoon.  MUCH more fun than cleaning the fridge and I was able to calm down in time to forgive the big guy judging me before her got home (you’re welcome dear).

As for what I was able to accomplish so far:

    1. Running on the treadmill 3 days in a row.  I have moved from having the EMT’s w/ oxygen machine next to me  on the treadmill to simply on standby.  They seem thankful not to have to watch anymore.
    2. Got all 4 kids back and forth to the doctor alive.  We had a small scene in the office waiting room involving me asking how much longer (we were in the waiting room for 30 minutes and arrived, as requested, 15 minutes early) while Itty Bitty decided to projectile vomit across the room.  The destroyer and the princess were in hysterics and the little guy told the receptionist it wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have to wait so long.  I don’t think she was amused, I however treated all the kids to ice cream for being on my side.
    3. Went to the dentist ~ now most would not be SO excited to go, but this was the first time I was alone for any length of time sans kids (even Itty Bitty).  Had 2 cavities filled, was told I brush too hard and need a mouth guard b/c I grind my teeth.  Pile that on top of the hearing aids I am saving up for, the glasses I need to have replaced and the braces the dentist recommended b/4 I left, I have to say I will be a vision in my old age…..at least the big guy won’t have to worry about trying for #5.  He’d have to go blind first.  Still a great day!  (see how I can stay positive in spite of all odds: Rocky theme song playing in my head)
    4. Found a few Pintrest ideas and can’t seem to boil it down to just 1.  Here’s a few ideas I have.

still working on deciding what to do, but at least I am working towards it.

Today I will be:

  1. Seriously, cleaning the fridge.  I promise, I am taking b/4 and after pics as soon as I am done with this post.
  2. Cleaning the house ~ we are still unpacking from vacation and hopefully purging as well.
  3. showering ~ seriously I stink from my morning workout.




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