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It’s not quite 8 am and those were the LOVERLY words the destroyer yelled at me while standing in her undies flinging her long hair out of  her face.  No need to go into details, let’s just say, every mother should start her day knowing she is a “best day ever” ruiner.  It makes you feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside.  Moving on…..

I know you are DYING to know if I actually cleaned out the fridge….2 b honest, I was back and forth on the whole thing.  On the one hand, I was still a little miffed at the big guy for being so judgmental {I know it was all in my head but still} but on the other hand, I took a look and it was pretty disgusting in there.  So I decided to make a compromise.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about anyway?  I decided to clean out the refrigerator……….door.  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  It was gross.  Now it is all nice and sparkly.  A few suggestions if you choose to take on this challenge:

  1. Get the kids OUT of the house.
  2. If they are NOT fighting and alive leave them be {see photos}
  3. Take pictures b/c you won’t believe the difference
  4. Swallow your pride and post the before and after shots.  Other people are just as gross as you are, they just don’t admit it. {see photos}
  5.  Don’t take too long or the destroyer will do this {see photos}

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I am on my way out to visit my grandparents and get supplies for my DIY for this weekend.  I have decided to make a coffee filter wreath.  Yup, you read that right.  I have to get to the dollar store for coffee filters and to AC Moore for a glue gun and I am all set.  A little excited to get to this.  I am also almost finished my to do list.  It is a little crazy right now but by Monday everything should be ready to go.

It’s only a little after 10AM.  I still have plenty of time to turn this day around…….no pressure or anything but it can only go up from here right?




Comments on: "“You ruined the best day of my life” and other things…." (2)

  1. My fridge always looks like the before shot…and I dont know why I ever bother to clean it because the next day its back to looking like we are dirtbags

  2. Very nice Col! I have to tell you my embarrassing story related to friends and fridges… I was helping someone move into a new house and offered to clean the kitchen. When I got to the fridge, it was awful! I kept saying how gross it was and that I couldn’t believe that the old people would leave the fridge in such complete shit. This went on for a couple of hours til finally, another friend there to help came over and said, “you know, that’s their fridge from the old apartment.” It was my friend’s fridge and I had just spent the afternoon cursing the jack-ass that had left it filthy!

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