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I highly recommend everyone find their own Big Guy……b/c you’re NOT taking mine.  Not to brag or anything, but he’s awesome!  I am on a “we need to redo the house” kick and God love him, he hasn’t killed me yet.  I took the kids down the shore the big guy packed us up, drove us down, unpacked and came home to work while we stayed and played at the shore…not a bad deal for me.  Unfortunately, he had to work and although we missed him terribly, we found a way to go on and have a blast.

Anywho….he left on a Saturday night, which I thought was weird initially b/c he didn’t have work till Monday, but just thought he had some school work {is getting his doctorate…not only is he handsome and helpful, he’s a smartie too…hands off ladies, I know karate} to get done so I kissed him good-bye and off he went.  Yes, he did have homework to do but he also spent all day Sunday repainting my front room {I guess other people call it a living room, we sometimes call it a fireplace room, it’s terrible we only pass thru the room to get to another room or leave the house…but NOT ANYMORE!!!!!} I am loving the new light color!  It makes the room look SO much bigger.

I wanted to do a little something for the big guy to thank him.  I saw a really cute idea on Pintrest {seriously if you are not on there, you are missing out!} on how to make 3 packs of Rolos into a group of dynamite.  The tag reads ~ You’re Da BOMB.  He loved it!  Put a few pics up so you can do it ~ Such a simple and quick project but a fun a creative way to say thanks.

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