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Ok so today is the kick off!  What can I do in 100 days using Pintrest.  I am going to create boards {seriously, if you haven’t signed up by now, I have no idea why you are still waiting…} for each of the categories below {IE 100 Days:Organization} this way you can see where I am getting my inspiration and see what I have accomplished.  I am excited to see how using Pintrest over the next 100 days will help me accomplish my goals and I can really start to put into practice all the great ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks I’ve been seeing over the past few weeks.  What will I be able to accomplish in the first 7 days of my challenge?  I’ve decided to split everything up into small weekly pieces so I can really see things getting done and not feel terribly overwhelmed with everything that I want to accomplish.

Everything on my list falls under the following categories: Organization {O}, Decorating {D}, Cooking {C}, Health/Beauty {H/B}, Relationships {R} and Personal Growth {PG}.  So I will list everything out accordingly.  I will add pictures to the blog and link all ideas back to Pintrest so you can see the progression and the original idea holder {b/c I am a great at following directions, not at the original thought and I don’t want you to think this is all me…..this is just me doing what other people have pinned on their boards.}  I’m excited about my journey and look forward to the challenge.

Week 1 ~ 

O:  The Kitchen.  Ok seriously, thinking why not start with the toughest first and believe me when I tell you, I have NO idea what I am doing in the kitchen….unless you are talking about the fridge or the microwave…and even then things get a bit spotty.  A cleaning will happen form the top down.  All Cabinets {inside and out}, Stove Top {I found this great idea for Stove Burners I am SOOOO excited to try}, The rest of the fridge {anyone have ideas how to clean rust off a fridge door?} and small appliances {thinking the can opener and toaster oven need a good once over} get a good cleaning.  Rugs washed and floor scrubbed.  I also have a little idea about how to keep all of this ongoing and so I am going to try to create a book for the house.  We’ll see how that works out.

C: I will research and cook 2 meals this week that are new and 1 appetizer.  I will be sure to call in to our local fire department and police station ahead of time and will add fresh batteries to all smoke alarms JIC.

H: All “junk food” is out of the house.  {This is best to do when the big guy is not home so I don’t have someone over my shoulder asking questions}.  Will work out 5 times this week for at least 30 minutes each day.  Running at least 2.5 miles a day.  I will say good-bye to my bestie: Diet Soda and begin the withdraw process this morning. {I’m already feeling light-headed and jittery just thinking about it}.  Goal has been set to lose 2 lbs. this week.

D:  I need new dish towels and I need to decide if the kitchen needs to be repainted.  It is a bit dark and since we are going lighter in the rest of the house I think it might be best to think about it.  {I am terrible about picking colors}  I am also thinking I need to add a chalkboard wall to my kitchen so I can list weekly meals.  Not sure if the big guy will go for it or not but thinking he can’t not like it if it helps get me organized and in the kitchen right?  Also not sure about what to do with the windows {door glass and window over the sink}, thinking this needs to be done the same time as the paint choices.

R:  I need to set time aside for just adult time.  The Big Guy and I are always doing everything with the kids, we need to either get out of the house or have people over.  Hoping to have friends over this weekend and I can make the new appetizer….I love that I am using my friends as Guinea pigs.  {note to self, hid this post from Jen}

PG: I want to do a DIY project so I am going to complete a coffee filter wreath {see how I am staying in the Kitchen Theme}, read a good book {I picked a few up at the dollar store….don’t you judge me} and see if I can find a friend who can teach me how to use WordPress.  This blog is dismal.  I need to figure out how to do the buttons, pictures, colors, etc.  I moved to WordPress b/c it is supposed to be better.  STINKS b/c I can do so much more in blogger.  If you know WordPress and want to help {I’m not proud, I’ll scrub your floors if that’s what it takes to have someone help me figure this out} let me know!

Ok that’s this weeks agenda.  It should be a fun-filled week for sure!  I’ve also realized that I am starting my 100 days right as the kids start back to soccer {3 nights a week}, school is weeks away {must get new uniforms and book reports finished}….I must learn better timing.

Wish me luck…I think I am really gonna need it!



Comments on: "The First 7 Days….Pintrest don’t fail me now" (2)

  1. Jen McLoone said:

    I *need* to know the burner cleaning idea you found!

  2. I wish you all of the luck in the world! I wish I could get as motivated as you. 2 things: we would love to see you all – not sure if you want to do it at our house but maybe we can set something for September. Also, I think I’m pretty good at paint colors (I keep hearing complements about ours – if you need help, I love to give opinions! While I love to cook – I’ll let Brad help you there as he is home during the day. Also, I am dieting so I am not eating the foods I love and can cook well because they are all so bad for you! Hugs!

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