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Ok, I think you need to know I am an all or nothing kind of girl.  I say this b/c when I saw this idea on Pintrest I almost peed my pants.  I HATE cleaning the stove burners.  It is so annoying.  I scrub and I scrub and it takes FOREVER to get those puppies clean.  Yet another reason I am anti-kitchen.  I mean you spend all day trying to keep all these people fed.  Then you have to clean up after them.  Fine, I can clean a dish {or 4} no worries, I can handle that……only then you turn around and the thing that is supposed to HELP you feed the people has now turned into the thing that will take hours to clean.

So you know me {see 1st line of above paragraph}, I just avoid it like the plague.  I do a fast wipe with a soapy sponge but let’s be honest, I am NOT cleaning the burners ~ just the actual stove top.  So needless to say….it’s disgusting.  The sad part is I know it was actually a LOT worse {shut up!  Yours looks like this too} but the big guy just cleaned it not too long ago so I kinda felt a bit overconfident when I saw the easy/lazy cleaning method.  I mean the pics showed an awesome before and after so it had to work right?

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I followed the instructions and placed all the burners, tops etc. in bags with 1/4 cup of Ammonia.  Be sure to have your windows open for this, or better yet do it outside, this stuff is stinky.  {Note: the destroyer said it was not as stinky as Itty Bitty’s Diapers, but stinky enough ~ just as a point of reference}  I put all bags outside on old cookie sheets overnight and prayed for a miracle.  I was a little giddy waking up wondering if it worked.  I made the big guy come out with me for the big reveal {He’ll do anything to encourage my new cleaning behavior} and you could see the Ammonia changed color in the bags…I took this as a good sign.

I was able to get most everything off {again, make sure the windows are OPEN} but I wouldn’t say it was easy.  I still scrubbed like I normally do.  The blog said it was easy…..I am going to politely disagree.  I was able to get most of the stuff off, but I wanted a miracle….you know the kind you see on the infomercials.  I wanted Billy Mays {God rest his soul} to come to my house with a sham wow and just yell at the camera how easy it was to wipe clean.  Didn’t happen.

I also wanted {all or nothing girl, remember} everything to come off.  Even with the scrubbing, I still had stuff left I could not remove.  IS there something wrong with me?  Can’t I just be happy with what I was able to do.  I guess, but I felt like this one was a BIG let down……I probably built it up too much in my head since I wanted it SO bad.  Lesson learned for next time ~ expect nothing and if something does work, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Off to start on the pantry..




Comments on: "So Did It Work…..you be the judge" (1)

  1. They look GREAT!!!! Mine are so scary looking that I would never have the guts to actually post pics 😀

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