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Did I ever tell you about Camp Leader?  No?  I’m not exactly sure why not, it is an AWESOME camp {nothing like patting myself on the back} that we started this summer for the kids to be able to get together with their friends once a week and do all kinds of fun things.  It is an open door policy, so all the moms in our group let me know if they can make it that week and we {me and my kids} figure out what we are going to do that week.  So far we’ve made a whole bunch of cool stuff.  Today is our last camp and we are having a fitness treasure hunt.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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Sorry for the short post today but with the bunny episode {if you don’t already know, I’ll fill you in tomorrow} we have got to get moving.  We are off to Schulikill Center to drop them off and see if we can get these new little guys a fresh new start.  Will be sure to post the story and pics tomorrow.  Hey, sometimes in your 100 days you accomplish something that isn’t on the original list.  It’s amazing how important things not on the list become top priority.




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