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I always refer to my life as a sitcom…mostly b/c I can’t imagine these things are actually happening.  Then I realize these things ALWAYS happen and  I should just accept that this IS our normal.  So here’s yesterday’s wrap up:

  1. 6Am Hide and Seek bathroom redecorating project complete
  2. Received {off duty} Police escort to drop off rescued newborn bunnies {we found them in our yard and they were almost swept away in flood water, it was CRAZY}
  3. The little guy created a T-shirt line with the tag line ~ I save bunnies.  I’m awesome! ~ the officer is awaiting his delivery
  4. 22 kids, 6 moms, an exercise treasure hunt, homemade pizza and butterfly craft
  5. Ambused the big guy with silly string on the front lawn {the kids LOVE doing this}
  6. The destroyers 1st soccer practice, she came downstairs wearing the little guys Under Armour and cup.
  7. The little guy managed to drop his soccer ball out the window of the car during rush hour on the way to soccer practice
  8. The big guy was able to circle back and find it in less than 2 minutes {seriously AMAZING!}

Ok so this is a normal day at my house.  Is this a normal day at yours?

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Comments on: "Stack Rescue Camp String Soccer Car Escape" (2)

  1. Col – I NEED to know why you got an “off-duty police escort” to drop off the bunnies? And explain the “hide and seek bathroom redecorating” because I can’t imagine what this is… Karen

    • I was totally lost and was in need of directions so I pulled in to a gas station and I just happened to ask an off duty officer. The kids were frantic b/c the bunnies were looking pretty bad. The Princess was crying b/c she thought they were going to die, The Destroyer was talking a mile a minute {with hand gestures}to try and explain the situation and the Little Guy just looked overwhelmed. itty Bitty actually slpet thru the whole thing {again, favorite kid EVER!} The officer was so nice {he just got off his shift and was on his way home} but he said he had kids, and totally understood this was important so he escorted us to the rescue. He was awesome.

      The “bathroom redecorating” is The Destroyer playing hide and seek in my downstairs bathroom. I walked in to find the pile. I had to have her come in to explain what she was doing {see the slide show, of just the pile, then of her “hiding”}.

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