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This is IT!  I am SOOOO over not getting anything done.  I try desperately to clean, organize and avoid getting puked on (seriously, you have no idea, I have moved from a small burp cloth to a full-blown oversized towel and this kid still finds a way to avoid it at all costs) and yet, at the end of the day, I have repeatedly told my husband ~ he should just be happy we are all alive.

The kids have a plan to destroy me…..ok maybe that’s a bit strong, let’s say I am pretty sure there is a nightly meeting of the minds in the baby’s room.  I envision them with clipboards, flashlights and army men reviewing their plan of attack during the 4 hours I get to sleep every night.  I try to catch them in the act but every time I get up they are all fake sleeping in their beds.  The big guy (my husband) calls me paranoid, I think I am going to install a nanny cam in Mr. TD bear and prove him wrong.  The kids ~ The Little Guy (7YO), The Princess (5YO), The Destroyer (3YO) and Itty Bitty (7 months).

I heart Pintrest.  It is AMAZING!  Ever since I started reading DIY blogs in December {my youngest was almost 8 weeks early and decided to arrive while my the big guy was on a business trip in Texas….yup that’s how we roll.} I was bookmarking blogs left and right during shift changes at the NICU.  It got to the point I started to send myself links in Facebook so I wouldn’t miss or lose an idea.  It drove me crazy b/c I knew there had to be a better way.  I still can’t remember how I found Pintrest.  Probably stalking: The House of Smiths, Tatertots and Jello {Jen, FYI every time I read your blog name I think Jello Shots.  I love to rhyme and giggle to myself.}, Miss Mustard Seed, House of Fifty, The TomKat Studio, The Stories of AtoZ, Thrifty Decor Chic and The Bloggess {she’s for giggles….This is the BEST story I have EVER read online ANYWHERE.  Not to build it up too much but the princess was concerned when tears started falling down my face as I hyperventilated b/c I was laughing so hard. You should probably go to the potty before you click the link and do not drink anything while reading ~ JIC}.  But I feel it changed how I think.  What is possible and what I can do.

So here we are, as you already know {see paragraph 1}, I am ready to get some things done around here so I am using Pintrest for inspiration {the big guy calls it Pinspiration} and seeing what I can accomplish in 100 days.  The first few weeks I am feeling out what needs to be done, making a list of projects that I want to accomplish and figuring out how to blog {I am so lost on how to add pics, the layout, design etc.  It’s crazy how much these ladies know about how to do all this stuff!}.

I start September 1st.  Each day for 100 Days there will be a new project, a new idea and success or fail {I’m thinking kitchen and cooking will fall into this category} I’ll share who had the original idea, why I want to do the project, what I changed and why, pictures and how difficult/easy it was.  At the end of the 100 days, I hope to be able to finish the list and feel like this year of my life didn’t just pass me by and I was able to finish something ~ and the blog will be PROOF for future generations that years ago, I actually got something done, in case there is ever a question.

Ok wish me luck!



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