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Ok, I think you need to know I am an all or nothing kind of girl.  I say this b/c when I saw this idea on Pintrest I almost peed my pants.  I HATE cleaning the stove burners.  It is so annoying.  I scrub and I scrub and it takes FOREVER to get those puppies clean.  Yet another reason I am anti-kitchen.  I mean you spend all day trying to keep all these people fed.  Then you have to clean up after them.  Fine, I can clean a dish {or 4} no worries, I can handle that……only then you turn around and the thing that is supposed to HELP you feed the people has now turned into the thing that will take hours to clean.

So you know me {see 1st line of above paragraph}, I just avoid it like the plague.  I do a fast wipe with a soapy sponge but let’s be honest, I am NOT cleaning the burners ~ just the actual stove top.  So needless to say….it’s disgusting.  The sad part is I know it was actually a LOT worse {shut up!  Yours looks like this too} but the big guy just cleaned it not too long ago so I kinda felt a bit overconfident when I saw the easy/lazy cleaning method.  I mean the pics showed an awesome before and after so it had to work right?

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I followed the instructions and placed all the burners, tops etc. in bags with 1/4 cup of Ammonia.  Be sure to have your windows open for this, or better yet do it outside, this stuff is stinky.  {Note: the destroyer said it was not as stinky as Itty Bitty’s Diapers, but stinky enough ~ just as a point of reference}  I put all bags outside on old cookie sheets overnight and prayed for a miracle.  I was a little giddy waking up wondering if it worked.  I made the big guy come out with me for the big reveal {He’ll do anything to encourage my new cleaning behavior} and you could see the Ammonia changed color in the bags…I took this as a good sign.

I was able to get most everything off {again, make sure the windows are OPEN} but I wouldn’t say it was easy.  I still scrubbed like I normally do.  The blog said it was easy…..I am going to politely disagree.  I was able to get most of the stuff off, but I wanted a miracle….you know the kind you see on the infomercials.  I wanted Billy Mays {God rest his soul} to come to my house with a sham wow and just yell at the camera how easy it was to wipe clean.  Didn’t happen.

I also wanted {all or nothing girl, remember} everything to come off.  Even with the scrubbing, I still had stuff left I could not remove.  IS there something wrong with me?  Can’t I just be happy with what I was able to do.  I guess, but I felt like this one was a BIG let down……I probably built it up too much in my head since I wanted it SO bad.  Lesson learned for next time ~ expect nothing and if something does work, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Off to start on the pantry..




Ok so today is the kick off!  What can I do in 100 days using Pintrest.  I am going to create boards {seriously, if you haven’t signed up by now, I have no idea why you are still waiting…} for each of the categories below {IE 100 Days:Organization} this way you can see where I am getting my inspiration and see what I have accomplished.  I am excited to see how using Pintrest over the next 100 days will help me accomplish my goals and I can really start to put into practice all the great ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks I’ve been seeing over the past few weeks.  What will I be able to accomplish in the first 7 days of my challenge?  I’ve decided to split everything up into small weekly pieces so I can really see things getting done and not feel terribly overwhelmed with everything that I want to accomplish.

Everything on my list falls under the following categories: Organization {O}, Decorating {D}, Cooking {C}, Health/Beauty {H/B}, Relationships {R} and Personal Growth {PG}.  So I will list everything out accordingly.  I will add pictures to the blog and link all ideas back to Pintrest so you can see the progression and the original idea holder {b/c I am a great at following directions, not at the original thought and I don’t want you to think this is all me…..this is just me doing what other people have pinned on their boards.}  I’m excited about my journey and look forward to the challenge.

Week 1 ~ 

O:  The Kitchen.  Ok seriously, thinking why not start with the toughest first and believe me when I tell you, I have NO idea what I am doing in the kitchen….unless you are talking about the fridge or the microwave…and even then things get a bit spotty.  A cleaning will happen form the top down.  All Cabinets {inside and out}, Stove Top {I found this great idea for Stove Burners I am SOOOO excited to try}, The rest of the fridge {anyone have ideas how to clean rust off a fridge door?} and small appliances {thinking the can opener and toaster oven need a good once over} get a good cleaning.  Rugs washed and floor scrubbed.  I also have a little idea about how to keep all of this ongoing and so I am going to try to create a book for the house.  We’ll see how that works out.

C: I will research and cook 2 meals this week that are new and 1 appetizer.  I will be sure to call in to our local fire department and police station ahead of time and will add fresh batteries to all smoke alarms JIC.

H: All “junk food” is out of the house.  {This is best to do when the big guy is not home so I don’t have someone over my shoulder asking questions}.  Will work out 5 times this week for at least 30 minutes each day.  Running at least 2.5 miles a day.  I will say good-bye to my bestie: Diet Soda and begin the withdraw process this morning. {I’m already feeling light-headed and jittery just thinking about it}.  Goal has been set to lose 2 lbs. this week.

D:  I need new dish towels and I need to decide if the kitchen needs to be repainted.  It is a bit dark and since we are going lighter in the rest of the house I think it might be best to think about it.  {I am terrible about picking colors}  I am also thinking I need to add a chalkboard wall to my kitchen so I can list weekly meals.  Not sure if the big guy will go for it or not but thinking he can’t not like it if it helps get me organized and in the kitchen right?  Also not sure about what to do with the windows {door glass and window over the sink}, thinking this needs to be done the same time as the paint choices.

R:  I need to set time aside for just adult time.  The Big Guy and I are always doing everything with the kids, we need to either get out of the house or have people over.  Hoping to have friends over this weekend and I can make the new appetizer….I love that I am using my friends as Guinea pigs.  {note to self, hid this post from Jen}

PG: I want to do a DIY project so I am going to complete a coffee filter wreath {see how I am staying in the Kitchen Theme}, read a good book {I picked a few up at the dollar store….don’t you judge me} and see if I can find a friend who can teach me how to use WordPress.  This blog is dismal.  I need to figure out how to do the buttons, pictures, colors, etc.  I moved to WordPress b/c it is supposed to be better.  STINKS b/c I can do so much more in blogger.  If you know WordPress and want to help {I’m not proud, I’ll scrub your floors if that’s what it takes to have someone help me figure this out} let me know!

Ok that’s this weeks agenda.  It should be a fun-filled week for sure!  I’ve also realized that I am starting my 100 days right as the kids start back to soccer {3 nights a week}, school is weeks away {must get new uniforms and book reports finished}….I must learn better timing.

Wish me luck…I think I am really gonna need it!


I highly recommend everyone find their own Big Guy……b/c you’re NOT taking mine.  Not to brag or anything, but he’s awesome!  I am on a “we need to redo the house” kick and God love him, he hasn’t killed me yet.  I took the kids down the shore the big guy packed us up, drove us down, unpacked and came home to work while we stayed and played at the shore…not a bad deal for me.  Unfortunately, he had to work and although we missed him terribly, we found a way to go on and have a blast.

Anywho….he left on a Saturday night, which I thought was weird initially b/c he didn’t have work till Monday, but just thought he had some school work {is getting his doctorate…not only is he handsome and helpful, he’s a smartie too…hands off ladies, I know karate} to get done so I kissed him good-bye and off he went.  Yes, he did have homework to do but he also spent all day Sunday repainting my front room {I guess other people call it a living room, we sometimes call it a fireplace room, it’s terrible we only pass thru the room to get to another room or leave the house…but NOT ANYMORE!!!!!} I am loving the new light color!  It makes the room look SO much bigger.

I wanted to do a little something for the big guy to thank him.  I saw a really cute idea on Pintrest {seriously if you are not on there, you are missing out!} on how to make 3 packs of Rolos into a group of dynamite.  The tag reads ~ You’re Da BOMB.  He loved it!  Put a few pics up so you can do it ~ Such a simple and quick project but a fun a creative way to say thanks.

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It’s not quite 8 am and those were the LOVERLY words the destroyer yelled at me while standing in her undies flinging her long hair out of  her face.  No need to go into details, let’s just say, every mother should start her day knowing she is a “best day ever” ruiner.  It makes you feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside.  Moving on…..

I know you are DYING to know if I actually cleaned out the fridge….2 b honest, I was back and forth on the whole thing.  On the one hand, I was still a little miffed at the big guy for being so judgmental {I know it was all in my head but still} but on the other hand, I took a look and it was pretty disgusting in there.  So I decided to make a compromise.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about anyway?  I decided to clean out the refrigerator……….door.  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  It was gross.  Now it is all nice and sparkly.  A few suggestions if you choose to take on this challenge:

  1. Get the kids OUT of the house.
  2. If they are NOT fighting and alive leave them be {see photos}
  3. Take pictures b/c you won’t believe the difference
  4. Swallow your pride and post the before and after shots.  Other people are just as gross as you are, they just don’t admit it. {see photos}
  5.  Don’t take too long or the destroyer will do this {see photos}

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I am on my way out to visit my grandparents and get supplies for my DIY for this weekend.  I have decided to make a coffee filter wreath.  Yup, you read that right.  I have to get to the dollar store for coffee filters and to AC Moore for a glue gun and I am all set.  A little excited to get to this.  I am also almost finished my to do list.  It is a little crazy right now but by Monday everything should be ready to go.

It’s only a little after 10AM.  I still have plenty of time to turn this day around…….no pressure or anything but it can only go up from here right?



You must not know me very well at all, no worries, that will change over the next 98 days together.  I wanted to take a before and after shot of the fridge (same shot, just 2 pics) but as soon as I got the camera (I was alone btw) and pushed the power button (note to self, buy a camera that powers up SILENTLY) children appeared out of the woodwork.  Now, prior to getting the camera, I was doing dishes.  Known fact, dishes repel small children and husbands, they actually attract mother-in-laws but that’s  a whole other story.  Anyway…..

They wanted to take pics, asked why I was taking pictures in the kitchen, did I break or burn anything and should they call Daddy (I’m raising a bunch of squealers)?  I could just see this playing out…I would tell the kids I was going to surprise Daddy but cleaning out the fridge.  I’d take the pics.  I’d start.  Yesterday would repeat itself (see yesterday’s post) and when the big guy came home the kids would take him by the hand to show him the big surprise.  When they tell him I spent the whole day cleaning out the fridge, he’d shake his head.  See here’s the problem…he thinks I am a terrible cleaner (among a laundry list of other things) and would think I actually attempted to clean the fridge and this WAS my finished product.

Well I am terribly upset with him.  I refuse to be judged for my cleaning when I hardly had time after getting the kids to and from the doctor’s office in one piece.  So in protest, I called a girlfriend and had her and the kids over for a slumber party / movie afternoon.  MUCH more fun than cleaning the fridge and I was able to calm down in time to forgive the big guy judging me before her got home (you’re welcome dear).

As for what I was able to accomplish so far:

    1. Running on the treadmill 3 days in a row.  I have moved from having the EMT’s w/ oxygen machine next to me  on the treadmill to simply on standby.  They seem thankful not to have to watch anymore.
    2. Got all 4 kids back and forth to the doctor alive.  We had a small scene in the office waiting room involving me asking how much longer (we were in the waiting room for 30 minutes and arrived, as requested, 15 minutes early) while Itty Bitty decided to projectile vomit across the room.  The destroyer and the princess were in hysterics and the little guy told the receptionist it wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have to wait so long.  I don’t think she was amused, I however treated all the kids to ice cream for being on my side.
    3. Went to the dentist ~ now most would not be SO excited to go, but this was the first time I was alone for any length of time sans kids (even Itty Bitty).  Had 2 cavities filled, was told I brush too hard and need a mouth guard b/c I grind my teeth.  Pile that on top of the hearing aids I am saving up for, the glasses I need to have replaced and the braces the dentist recommended b/4 I left, I have to say I will be a vision in my old age…..at least the big guy won’t have to worry about trying for #5.  He’d have to go blind first.  Still a great day!  (see how I can stay positive in spite of all odds: Rocky theme song playing in my head)
    4. Found a few Pintrest ideas and can’t seem to boil it down to just 1.  Here’s a few ideas I have.

still working on deciding what to do, but at least I am working towards it.

Today I will be:

  1. Seriously, cleaning the fridge.  I promise, I am taking b/4 and after pics as soon as I am done with this post.
  2. Cleaning the house ~ we are still unpacking from vacation and hopefully purging as well.
  3. showering ~ seriously I stink from my morning workout.



This is IT!  I am SOOOO over not getting anything done.  I try desperately to clean, organize and avoid getting puked on (seriously, you have no idea, I have moved from a small burp cloth to a full-blown oversized towel and this kid still finds a way to avoid it at all costs) and yet, at the end of the day, I have repeatedly told my husband ~ he should just be happy we are all alive.

The kids have a plan to destroy me…..ok maybe that’s a bit strong, let’s say I am pretty sure there is a nightly meeting of the minds in the baby’s room.  I envision them with clipboards, flashlights and army men reviewing their plan of attack during the 4 hours I get to sleep every night.  I try to catch them in the act but every time I get up they are all fake sleeping in their beds.  The big guy (my husband) calls me paranoid, I think I am going to install a nanny cam in Mr. TD bear and prove him wrong.  The kids ~ The Little Guy (7YO), The Princess (5YO), The Destroyer (3YO) and Itty Bitty (7 months).

Case in point….it is EXTREMELY early, I got up early to workout (first day and all) and get this started (the blog idea) and so far I have been interrupted to do the following:

  1. Give the destroyer a shower (@5:30AM, she states she is sick and this would make her feel better and coughs for effect, I think this one got the AM shift)
  2. Choose an outfit that is Ok for the destroyer to wear.  IE this means, a summer floral dress, soccer socks to the knee, dress up heels and enough accessories to make Mr. T proud
  3. Asked to decide if I like Peekachu better than Strawberry Shortcake b/c the destroyer does and wants my opinion
  4. Asked to supply the destroyer and the princess with grapes b/c they are STARVING (it is not quite 6 AM)
  5.  The little guys asks to listen to my iPod Shuffle
  6. The princess asks to join in and listen to the iPod Shuffle
  7. The princess re-enters upset b/c the little guy will not allow her to listen to the shuffle in the ear she wants, and she does not feel “comfortable” (she actually did the air quotes)  using her other ear for the music
  8. The little guy enters and clearly states his case that he is only following the letters on the earphones and he is using the R (right) so she will have to use the L (left).  When I asked if it really mattered I was told, “Obviously mom!  Why else would they take all the time to label the ear phones….maybe her head will explode if she uses it the wrong way.”
  9. The princess begins to cry b/c she didn’t want to tell me but she actually did use them the wrong way but just for a little bit
  10. The destroyer re-enters with Peekachu singing and asking the little guy and the princess for their thoughts

I have finally had enough and read the kids the beginning of the blog, they laugh out loud and the little guys says, ” Mom all you had to do was ask for some privacy.”  and with that they are out of the office.  SERIOUSLY!?

I don’t want to be mean, but I’ve decided that Itty bitty is my favorite today (the only child who has not interrupted me so far).  Not that it’s a contest, I’m just sayin…

Ok so where was I….see I can’t even remember what the point of the blog post was…and that’s the problem.  I can’t seem to finish a thought, or get anything done here.  Here are my issues:

  1. The house is always a mess, I can’t seem to keep up
  2. We are not organized ( I think I need a professional here STAT!)
  3. The kitchen scares me (So far this year I’ve set the fire alarms off while heating up a frozen pizza and melting a teapot on the stove while boiling water ~ Don’t you dare judge me!)
  4. I am overweight, which is HYSTERICAL…you know b/c of #3, you would think since I can’t use the oven or the stove this wouldn’t be an issue….I’m an overachiever
  5. I’ve started redecorating the house…..you know b/c I have 1-4 under control!
  6. I have no idea how to accomplish any of the above…..I am usually paralyzed with indecision…that or when things start to get hard I get pregnant, either one you decide

Ok so here’s my plan, I am going to create a list of things I want to accomplish in the next 100 days.  Some are big things (go on a date with the big guy ~ seriously, it has been a l-o-n-g time) and some small things (avoid puke for an entire day) but at the end of the 100 days, I hope to be able to finish the list and feel like this year of my life didn’t just pass me by and I was able to get something DONE ~ and the blog will be PROOF for future generations that years ago, I actually got something done, in case there is ever a question.

I’ll write the list later (you know when they nap…pause for hysterical laughter) but for now my goals for today are:

  1. Get everyone to the doctor’s office and back without killing anyone (Itty bitty has an appointment so we all have to go, should be fun.)
  2. Work out (I already did this but didn’t want to brag with it being #1) ~ struggled to almost died doing 2 miles in the treadmill…see #4
  3. Clean out the fridge…I am pretty sure the big guy will fall over when he gets home if I do this…..maybe I’ll get the nanny cam for this, possible funniest home video submission…no one says you can’t get organized and earn $ at the same time see #3 and #2
  4. Go on Pintrest ~ terrible addiction, I love it the big guy is hoping there will be some sort of patch I can wear to wean myself off but until then ~ and find a project to do….Ok let’s face it finding a project is not the problem, it’s doing the project….REVISED….find a project that can be completed this week……no pressure or anything.

Ok wish me luck……I’m a bit terrified…..


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